Things you’ll want to keep in mind when selling your vehicle

Where you list your car and how you list your car matters. When advertising you’ll want to ensure that you are getting maximum exposure for your car. The internet is great for so many reasons, and finding a buyer for your car is one of them. A quick search will yield lots of viable forums in your area where you can post an ad for your car, along with a description, photos and your contact information. You may also want to consider advertising in the classified ads section of your local newspaper. This means is very affordable and because the people that you are advertising to are within close proximity, the likelihood that someone will come to take a look at your car soon after seeing your ad is rather high.

Allow Your Car To Appeal To Potential Buyers Before They Even Lay Eyes On It

When photographing your car, you’ll want to make sure that the photographs are of good quality, a decent size and not something that potential buyers will have to be squinting or manoeuvring their computer screen around to see. First impressions matter and the photographs that you place online will be the first impression that someone gets of your vehicle. Take the time out to clean your car as this will make the pictures turn out a lot better. You’ll also want to capture your car in the day rather than the night.

Get A Professional To Determine The Condition Of Your Vehicle

This is not only helpful for you, as you’ll have a better idea of what you can sell for, but potential buyers will also appreciate having this information. Taking a car for a test drive isn’t sufficient enough to determine that it’s in good condition. Have your mechanic or car dealer provide you with proof of the condition of your car. Potential buyers will be more likely to snatch your car on the spot, when they are certain of the condition of your car.

Remove Personal Items From Your Vehicle

This point goes hand in hand with cleaning your car. Before showing your car, and especially before handing it over to the buyer, you want to ensure that none of your personal possessions are left in it. Don’t just look around your car to determine this. Check under the seats, in the glove compartment as well as any other hidden compartments your car may have, in the trunk, in between seats etc.

Car Dealers May Not Be Your Best Bet

A car dealer makes money from selling cars. What this translates to, is that they’ll want to purchase a car for the least amount of money possible in order to have the best profit margin on it when they’re ready to sell. If anyone knows how to bargain, it’s a car dealer, and so this may not be the best route to take. Sure, you may feel good about the purchase once they’ve sweet talked you into selling way below your asking price. But once you get home and realize this, disappointment will follow.

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