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Scrap Car Removal Service Perth – Junk Your Car for Free and Get Cash for Its Removal!

That’s right! At We Pay Cash 4 Cars, you get top dollars when you sell your Scrap Car to us! We specialise in scrap car removals in Perth and offer top dollar for your unwanted, useless, scrap vehicle.

We accept:

  • Jeep
  • Holden
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Mercedes
  • Acura
  • And, All Other Types of Vehicles

When you call We Pay Cash 4 Cars, your junk is worth cash!

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Scrap Car Removals in Perth

Our Scrap Car Removal Perth Services

At We Pay Cash 4 Cars, we provide the highest quality Scrap Car Disposal and removal, and there’s never a cost to you! All towing is free for your junk car Perth, and the best part is before we haul that old clunker away, you will have cash in your pocket!

Our car towers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering free tows and cash for your Scrap Car Removal in Perth.

Our services include all types of cars in any condition or gage, including:

  • Wrecked Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Unwanted Cars
  • Used Cars
  • Rusted Cars
  • Salvage Cars
  • Scrap Commercial Vehicles

Why Sell Your Junk Car for Cash to Us?

We Are Perth’s  Best in Junk Car Removals Because:

  • We Pay Cash for Junk Cars!
  • We Offer Top Dollar Cash for Cars Quote!
  • We Provide Free Junk Car Removal and Towing!
  • We Are an Eco-Friendly Scrap Car Removal!
  • We Offer Fast and Friendly Service!

At We Pay Cash 4 Cars, we are the experts in old, junk vehicles and that is why we are able to offer you top dollar!

How Our System Works

When you sell your scrap car for cash to us, we salvage the vehicle, stripping it of all its parts to recycle and reuse. We then take the car and crush it to recycle its metal, which will be used for parts and products and resold. The process is one that is Eco-friendly and one that puts cash in your pocket, even for cars that are rusted from front to back, have the seats torn out, are wrecked, or don’t have an engine.

When you are ready to have your old car hauled away, you simply:

  1. Call us at  0404 444 940 to obtain an instant cash offer on your car, or complete our “Instant Offer” found on this page. With a few simple details about your Scrap Car, we can then give you a Top Dollar cash offer on your Scrap Car.
  2. We’ll then schedule an appointment if you are happy with the offer. Because we work round the clock, any time that is convenient for you is convenient for us!
  3. We meet at your location and exchange the cash for your unwanted car. We serve all suburbs in Perth, so your car never has to leave the yard! Once the deal is done, we’ll then load up your car and haul it to the Scrap yard where expert Dismantlers will begin to break the car up into parts.

The process is simple, and one that can be completed the same afternoon you call and there’s no having to prepare your car for the Scrapyard. We do all the work, including draining its fluids and removing the tires and gas tank, if necessary. There’s also never a charge for towing, so it is simply a cash deal for you!

Contact We Pay Cash 4 Cars Today

For fast and efficient cash for cars offer, contact us today. We are Perth’s specialists in Scrap and junk car removals and always offer our customers cash for scrap cars. With one call, we can schedule an appointment and have your car picked up the same afternoon; and, put the cash in your pocket for the worth of your scrap car.

Give us a call today at the number listed below, or complete our “Instant Offer” quote form found on this page. It only takes a few minutes, and there is no obligation.

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