What Is The most stress-free way to sell your Car for Cash in Perth

What you could be sitting is not an old car but a goldmine. Unused cars can fetch a fair sum of money from Cash for Car Dealers like us at WePayCashforCar.com.au Perth. During our time in the Cash for the Car business, we’ve bought over $7,900 for our city’s residents.

Cash for Car

How we make the process of selling your unused car stress-free?

  1. We give you a quote over the phone – this is subject, of course, to your car being in the condition you tell us it is in
  2. If you accept our quote, we then email or text you the documentation you need to fill to transfer your vehicle to us once we make our payment to you
  3. We arrange a pick-up time, do a final inspection of your car, then tow it away
  4. We work to your convenience – given we operate 24 hours a day, we can arrange to see your car and pick it up – before or after your working hours (before 7 am or after 7pm)


Key documentation you’ll need to provide

  • Your Vehicle Plate Number
  • The Make, Model, Body Type and Transmission Type of your Vehicle
  • The vehicle’s Chassis / VIN number (you will get this off your REGO papers, the Engine Number and Year of Manufacture
  • The Selling Price, the Dutiable Valuer of your Value and the Date of Disposal
  • The Seller and Purchaser’s details will both need to be provided on the WA Notice of Disposal Form as well


We Pay Cash for Cars puts a premium on service, we guarantee

  • Our price will be fair
  • You will be treated courteously at all times
  • We will pay you promptly – as we offer free towing for your car
  • Practices that are eco-friendly and that minimal damage to the environment in which we live

If you have an unused car you wish to get rid of, do consider selling it to us
You can contact us at We Pay Cash for Cars on 0404 444 940– receive a FREE Quote by emailing us the Enquiry Form on our page – it’s listed to the right.

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