How To Sell Your Damaged Car For Cash?

An accident can happen to anyone. If you’ve been involved in an accident, and your car’s been damaged (even irreparably), talk to us. We pay Cash for Cars that have been in accidents.

What your damaged car could earn you?

Top cash. The sum we pay you depends on the condition we find your car in, of course. If your car is new, partially used and running well – we will pay you a higher price than if it isn’t. But one thing is for sure, you will get instant Cash for Cars when you sell your car to us.

What if your car isn’t roadworthy, has a mechanical fault or lacks REGO?

No problem at all. We will still buy it, giving you a price you won’t receive anywhere else in the market. Can’t bring the car to us? Don’t let that stop you from getting Top Cash for your Car. We provide Free Car Removals all across Perth.

The quotation process we follow is very simple:

1.You call us (our number is 0404 444 940) – we give you a quote for your vehicle over the phone. Our process is quick and takes only minutes. Your time is valuable – and we get that.

2.If you’re happy with the price we offer you, you can then let us know when we should come to collect the vehicle. As mentioned earlier, our Car Removals are absolutely free. So, you don’t have to worry about paying us for towing.

3.We will turn up at your location at the agreed time to tow away the car and make the payment. It’s that simple.

What we’re here to do – SERVE

The Cash for Car business is very competitive. The only way to last in this business is to provide fair cash quotes and quality services to make the car selling process quick, easy and painless for car sellers.
So, we ensure our prices are competitive and on par with what the market will offer you based on the brand, age and condition of your car. We set service standards and benchmarks that our staff adhere to meticulously at We Pay Cash for Cars.
Customer satisfaction matters to us as we don’t just want to buy your accident damaged car, we also want to buy your friends and relatives cars if they would like to sell them.

An environmentally friendly company

We Pay Cash for Cars realises the importance of environmentally friendly practice today. We dispose of your car in environmentally ‘thoughtful’ ways.
All bodywork is stripped of paint before it is recycled. Parts are drained of oil, petrol and fluid to ensure we don’t contaminate Sydney’s wildlife in any way.
If an eco-friendly process is what you’re after, we are the Cash for Cars company for you.

Got a car you want to get rid of? Call us for a quote

Got an old, unwanted or scrap car that you want to get rid of ASAP? Please call us now at 0404 444 940 and we’ll tell you how much we’ll pay for it. If you like our offer, consider your car sold! You don’t come to us, we come to you!

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