Get Top Dollars For Your Scrap Car Recycle In Perth

The concept of Cash for Scrap Cars might not register as a reality for some scrap car owners. With We Pay Cash for Cars, that concept is one that pays Top Dollars for scrap cars. We are the Car Recycler in Perth that collects automobiles of every make and condition to recycle for cash. Your scrap care may not have value to you, but as a recycler, it has value to us! We are the auto buyers that take old, scrap, damaged, and wrecked vehicles and recycle them for their metals and steel. That old engine that no longer runs is filled with parts and components that have many metals, including precious metals that are worth cash when recycled.

The steel of a vehicle makes up about 65 percent of the automobile’s weight. Owners of SUVs, vans, and trucks receive a greater value as the wheels are heavier in weight. When we are done with your recycle, you have ‘Top Cash in your hand’.

How It Works

The selling process starts with cash for scrap cars quote that can be obtained over the phone or online. Provide our appraiser with the make, model, year and a complete description of your truck, 4 wheel drive, economy, luxury, sports, SUV, etc. and we’ll make an offer. A Top Dollars offer!

1. Contact us at 0404 444 940.
2. Accept or reject our offer. If you are uncertain, then call around for some other appraisals. Chances are you’ll get back to us!
3. Schedule a free removal anywhere in Perth. Our collections are provided 24/7 so that our customers have the convenience of collections at hours in the day that fit their schedules. With 24/7 pickups in Melbourne, any time is a good time for us to arrive to buy & collect your sedan, 4wheel drive, Jeep, etc.
4. Count your cash.

If you have the title of ownership or scrap certificate for your car, give us a call and get a Top Dollars quote today. We pay cash on the spot.

Call our appraisers at 0404 444 940  and get your scrap car sold today. We are the green choice in a recycler, which means you have more than the reward minimising the carbon imprint your disposal leaves on the environment, but also get paid the most cash for car recycle Perth. Give us a call today.

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