How To Get Rid Of A Damaged Car For Cash In Perth

Getting rid of a damaged car is as big a headache than getting pulled over for drink driving is. You advertise on multiple sites for buyers and it seems the Earth has swallowed them all.
It hasn’t. We just have more cars than we can poke a stick at here in Perth. Plus, more accidents than ever before and cars being written off by insurance companies.
If your car has been involved in a road accident and is damaged beyond repair, we’d be happy to take it off your hands – and give you cash for your trouble.

We pay Cash for Cars here in Perth

Very few things beat the feel of cash when it comes to cars. Particularly, old abandoned ones you didn’t think you would get more than a fistful of dollars for.

Cash for car dealers recognises that your car may have value in it (however small) that secondhand car dealers or private car buyers found on sites like may not see.

Bearing this in mind, We Pay Cash for Cars that have been damaged in accidents, written off by insurance claims or that may be without REGO at present. The car could also be one that is lying unused, renting unnecessary space in your garage and mind.

We pay instantly

We do an initial assessment of a car (any brand) you may have to sell over the phone itself. The process takes less than three minutes.
We then make you an offer. The average offer we make for scrap cars depends on its brand, make, workable parts and year of manufacture.
If you accept our offer, we then Pick up your Car, often the same day itself – paying you your FEE by cash, cheque or Bank Transfer – whichever you prefer.

Got a scrap car – why not exchange it for cash?

We pay you promptly for your car – often on the same day we quote on it.
To learn more about how you can get Cash for Car, please call We pay Cash 4 Car on 0404 444 940

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